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Bathroom Renovations – Small Changes That Make a Big Impact

Between showering, using the toilet, preparing yourself for work, and cleaning, you spend lots more time in the bathroom than you might think. Yet, for several homeowners, bathroom renovations in Nanaimo fall relatively low on their list of home improvements to make. You might wonder why that is. Well, as a purely useful space, most people do not think about making their bathroom a priority when it comes to comfort and style. Sure, you want an amazing kitchen and an exceptional living room, but the bathroom? That can wait. A pretty shower curtain and some nice carpets should cover it. But there is a lot more that you can do to improve the look of your bathroom. Here is a look at a few small changes that can make a big difference in your bathroom.

Creating Space

The most common grievance that leads to bathroom renovations in Nanaimo is space. A number of people are more than willing to purchase a house that has a small bathroom. Provided the total square footage is there and you do not feel as if you will be stepping on each other’s toes in the bathroom, there is enough room. In any case, how much of your time are you actually going to spend in this room? You will realize that you will be spending much more time than you initially thought in the bathroom. If you are sharing the room with another person, space can rapidly become an issue. But there are some things you can do to create the impression of additional space. Consider using smaller fixtures, putting up extra mirrors, and getting rid of some of the unusable knick knacks.


Nothing creates the illusion of space like lighting. You can go in a couple of different ways with your lights. Bright, plain bulbs can light brightly, giving you that added space look. Recessed lighting will immediately warm the space, which gives you more comfort. While it is not a small change by any means, you can install a skylight. Putting a few smaller lamps in your lavatory can give it a feeling of a study space, which is occasionally more suitable than you may be willing to acknowledge.


Together with lighting, colour is an important thing when it comes to bathroom renovations in Nanaimo on a budget. Utilizing lighter colours on walls will help uncover everything. One common idea is creating a full colour theme by matching everything from the curtains to the carpets to the walls. That does not mean everything is one monotone shade. It means that you will be using colours that supplement each other to generate a singular vision.

These are some of the small changes you can make in your bathroom that make a big impact. But you should also choose the renovation contractor who can also repair or maintain your gas furnace.

It is advisable to choose one contractor for all your home improvement jobs. If you can get a contractor who installs and repairs gas furnaces and does renovation work, then you are good to go.

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