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How to Save Money When Replacing Storm Windows

Replacing your storm windows can get to be a costly endeavor, any possibilities for saving money on this type of improvement project are not just beneficial but welcomed by every homeowner. But before you go storm window shopping, it’s important to know the best avenues for getting the most quality for the least amount of money.

Keeping Your Storm Windows

So as you contemplate whether or not you want to replace your storm windows or consider another option, just remember all of the advantages and benefits these types of windows provide. They’re less costly than full replacement windows and far more effective at the following functions:

Reduced Noise Pollution

Storm windows are great at providing an extra layer of protection from all of the audible environmental nuisances around your home.

Window Protection

Take a look at the existing windows on your home, they’re probably still in excellent shape if you’ve had exterior storm windows over them. All of the seals, gaskets, and other hardware have taken less wear and tear than if they were exposed to the elements.

Greater Thermal Insulation

Good storm windows are ideal for insulating the home when the temperatures rise and fall.

Energy Efficient

These types of windows can minimize or entirely eliminate air seepage from inside the home, keeping your expensive warm or cooled air from leaking outside and your home stays comfortable without running your HVAC system over time.

Storm windows that have been professionally installed by Renewal by Andersen window replacement provide all of these benefits and deciding to replace them for newer versions is a smart investment that keeps more money in your pocket.

Homeowners have been turning to storm windows for these benefits and the amount you could save on replacing your current models for newer ones all depends on the many factors that come into play based on the location and condition of your home.

Saving Money with Storm Windows

When you first got those storm windows there were a variety of reasons that played into your decision and if you’re considering replacing the ones you have or you’re thinking about adding them to your existing windows for the first time, the savings could be rather significant.

The newest storm windows on the market offer a lot of the best features such as weatherproof gaskets for reducing drafts and the escape of air from within the home as well as a low-emissivity coating on the glass panes to prevent heat from escaping through the window.

If you live in a part of the country that gets heavy rain, water is always a concern. It can easily pool up in areas where it shouldn’t and that can lead to rot and saturation causing costly damage to the windowsill and frames of the current existing windows in the home. But with storm windows, you need not worry about this potential danger having an impact on your home.

The various types of storm windows that are available come with different configurations that can offer certain benefits and features of functional flexibility, window security, and of course, energy-efficiency. You’re going to want to compare these options and decide which ones are more effective in achieving your goals for installing storm windows on the home.

These four types are two-track, two-track slider, three-track, and basement storm windows. Each comes with its own advantages and special features for installation over certain types of windows on the house.

The money you could save by replacing the storm windows that are currently hung over your home’s existing windows is largely dependent on how much of these impacts that are being experienced by your property.

Air Infiltration

Without a storm window, your current window could be demonstrating significant leaks of air through gaps and warped frames. It could be very little or substantial enough that you see a rise in your heating and cooling costs.

The rate of leakage could be severely reduced by replacing your older storm windows and the rate at which air is seeping from the home could drop as much as 80-90%. That means less time using your HVAC system and more comfortable air being maintained in the home.

Reduced Conduction

Storm windows are also great at providing the level of insulation necessary for keeping heat from escaping through the glass in your windows. Glass was never meant for the purposes of insulation, so when that warmth radiates through it, your storm window is there to basically catch it and hold it from going outdoors. Think of it as a safety net for your heat and your wallet.